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2023/24 Important Dates to Remember:

Aug 31              Parent Orientation Meeting 6:00pm


Sept 4               Labor Day Holiday - no school

Sept 5               First day of Wildwood classes!

Sept 30             Wildwood Opening Social - Cereal Bar!


Oct 19-20         Fall Break - no School

Nov 3                Wildwood Lantern Walk

Nov 22-24         Thanksgiving Break - no school

Dec 25- Jan 5   Winter Break - no school

Jan 15              Martin Luther King Jr. Day - no school

Feb TBA           Family Winter Spiral Walk

Feb 19              President's Day - no school


Apr 1-5             Spring Break - no school

April 22            Wildwood Earth Day Event


May 18             Wildwood Jubilee Potluck!

May 23             Last day of classes 

2024 Summer:

June 3             First day of June Classes

June 14           June Fairytale Forest Day


June 27           Last Day of June Classes

July 8               First day of July Classes

July 19            July Fairytale Forest Day

Aug 1              Last Day of July Classes


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