Miss Lissa

Founder &
Head Teacher

Miss Lissa is a nature native who grew up on the beach in Southern California, and has lived along the Wasatch Front for 19 years. She earned her BS in Psychology and has always been fascinated with the mind and its development. After focusing on growing her own family, she then went on to be trained as a Certified Nature & Forest Therapy guide. She created Wasatch Forest Therapy in 2017 and currently guides groups through forest bathing sessions for health & wellness in the Utah mountains.

Before founding Wildwood, Miss Lissa solidified her love of teaching children in the outdoors through her previous position as a Head Nature Preschool teacher. She feels passionately about connecting kids to nature from a young age - not only for their own health & development, but for the future health of the earth. She believes that the children who grow up in love and relationship with the land are the ones who will protect it into adulthood. She is thrilled to be  a part of the rewilding movement and to help others see the positive impact this can have on kids and their families.  

Lissa is trained in Wilderness First Aid through NOLS and her passions include creating, connecting others to nature, and spending any and all free time outside with her family!


Miss Meg

Assistant Teacher

Miss Meghan grew up on the Jersey Shore, and spent all of her summers at the beach swimming in the ocean. She made her way out west later on in life, and fell in love with the mountains (and her husband).
She graduated from BYU with a degree in Public Health and worked many years in corporate wellness and health coaching, working with individuals to lead healthier lives.
She is now home with her 5 year old son, and loves exploring nature, learning new things and playing! And singing and dancing! She believes children are our great teachers and strives to be more like them everyday.


Miss Ky

Founder &
Head Teacher

From a young age, Miss Ky fell in love with the forests here in Utah, spending time with her Mom rafting the river, hiking, and enjoying countless days getting lost in outdoor play. She is from Orem, and currently lives in Provo Canyon with her two children. Before founding Wildwood, she arranged and led a local co-op forest school group, incorporating inspiration from Waldorf based education and her knowledge of the local plant and animal life, as well as safe and ethical foraging.

Miss Ky's love of children and teaching has also led her to be a teacher's aid for a local Waldorf-based kindergarten in the past. She is passionate about child development, whole child learning, and spending long hours in the natural world. It is here in the natural world where Miss Ky regularly experiences deep rest, inspiration and joy.

She and has also taught ballet and creative movement classes for young children to college level for 15 years and has offered Birth Doula services in Utah County. 


Miss Jes


Miss Jes  grew up playing in the forests and on the beaches of Washington State. She graduated from BYU with a BS in Human Development. She is also a certified yoga and meditation teacher who specializes in teaching family yoga - where she watches the magic of family play and connection come alive. She currently teaches classes at The Yoga Underground in Provo - follow along with her @wildlifeyoga on Instagram or visit her website.

Miss Jes is a certified Ecological Designer, which means she loves to design and create with Mother Nature at the center.   She loves creating art and crafting with her hands by tapping into her intuition and bringing internal images to life.

She believes children are the most wise and sacred beings on our planet and loves learning and playing together. She looks forward to supporting the amazing children of Wildwood Forest School!